The Koshuudenwa Project

The Koshuudenwa Project is dedicated to collecting covers of 1337Band's indomitable (and slightly abdominal) four chord masterpiece Koshuudenwa.

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Aug 19

Vinnk: “My Daughter LOVES Koshuudenwa”

Jul 1

Regdar and the Fighters provide another… Interesting cover.

Jun 13

A Live 1337Band performance from 2009.  Koshuudenwa starts at about 2:15

Jun 12

Another version by Trae/Lt. Snorkel for 2012

Peso (of 1337Band) contributes this alternative version of the song…

Steve of Regdar and the FIghters does a version of the song.

The Lt. Snorkel version

The original version of this song, in it’s unedited, indomitable, abdominal, abominable form.